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New Years Eve Run 2007

Posted by NickB on December 19, 2007

Gents,Just a quick reminder, the New Years Run and Lunch will be at the Plume and Feathers at Princetown. As usual it is a 1030 meet and the run will start at 1100. Hopefully all runners will be in at 12:00 and then we will move on to the pub for a spot of lunch and drinks.Hope this meets with all your approval. Wives and families welcome.Please could you past this on to anyone I have missed out on the distribution.CheersJames


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Christmas Meal 2007

Posted by NickB on December 14, 2007

Many thanks to Bear for organising last nights Christmas meal at the Britannia, Venturers turned out in force dragging along, wives, girlfriends, daughters and in one case even a mother!  The Brit served up an excellent ‘value for money’ meal to be accompanied by the wine Bear had managed to secure at very reasonable cost.

New chairman, James Dell showed that he has more nous than many give him credit for as when the jeers started for him to make an impromptu speech he promptly produced a type written prepared one from deep in his pockets (yes his arms were long enough).  Good try Dickie, but no banana!!

Photos to follow …. ….. ….. when they are sent to me!

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AGM, Thursday 1st November 2007

Posted by NickB on November 7, 2007

Notes from Dockyard Venturers AGM, held at BT Club Thursday 1st November 2007

Members Present:

Roy Harris                                Robin Holmes

Ian Gee (Treasurer)                  Mark Symmonds

Guy Buckingham                       Simon Jewell

Dan Ryder                                Clayton Jones

Mike Waterhouse                      James Dell

Bill Hopkins                              Glenn Latham (Secretary and BMC)

Nick Andrews (Chairman)         Nick Benny

Stuart Heald

  • 1. Minutes from last AGM were accepted.

Chairmans Report

  • 2. Nick commented on some of the more notable events of the previous year:
  • A very successful Xmas meal at The Britannia with additional; thanks to Ian Gee for organising.
  • Winter Trip to Rothiemurchus, Cairngorms. 18 members attended the meet, and 18 returned despite the “lemming” antics of some junior members.
  • The Stafford Dyer Winter walks series was well attended and appreciated. Thanks to Stafford.
  • Both Cornwall trips, Penver and Counthouse very well attended and thanks to Roy Harris and Mark Symmonds for organising.
  • Additional thanks to Roy for outstanding efforts with the Lizard magazine.

Nick also recommended resurrection of the “Prince (typo) of the Year Award”.

BMC Report (GL)

BMC standing orders to the clubs bank account had worked fairly well.

Extract from last years notes: It was agreed that all members would pay subs that would allow for BMC club membership. (See membership fees). Any special cases to be reviewed on an individual basis. This might affect members with multi club membership or semi professional roles. In the first instance, if their is a problem with this arrangement, for individuals, contact the club secretary. Where there is an unavoidable BMC issue, and with the secretary’s and chairman’s agreement, basic subs will be £5. Standard membership fee was agreed as £15.

  • 3. The club has 26 members
  • 4. Would those who only managed cheques this year please consider setting up the standing order as of 1st January.

Treasurers Report

  • 5. Ian Gee advised that the account balance last year was £244.16 and £340.16 for this year.

Club meets

  • 6. Nick advised that the winter meets through the winter would probably be at the Mannamead. The summer pub meets are normally where the climbing is planned. Details to promulgated by E Mail.
  • 7. The situation regarding use of the Wyvern Wall is that it is really only viable for DML / MOD / services staff due to security issues. It is available Tuesdays during the Winter when Roy Harris is instructing. You will need a pass which is available for £80 per year or by day pass, for which there are only three and need to be pre-arranged via Nigel Rowe (DML Sports and Social Club for £3 per visit). A pass enables use of other Wyvern facilities.
  • 8. Mark Symmonds offered to investigate a new climbing wall north of Tavistock called The Barn for potential occasional use in Winter.
  • 9. Roy Harris and Nick Andrews also offered to arrange and promulgate via E Mail occasional night walks.
  • 10. Similar to the above Mark Symmonds offered to organise a Friday night / stop over at Princetown and return Saturdy morning.
  • 11. Nick Benny offered to investigate use of the Wyvern for canoe pool training.


  • 12. The Winter series walks on Dartmoor will be promulgated by Stafford Dyer, the first being 17th November 2007.
  • 13. It was agreed that the next Winter trip will be Scotland, Rothiemurchus, Aviemore. Roy Harris will arrange. Preferred date is 27th Feb to 2nd March, then 5th to 9th March.
  • 14. Cornwall , Pennver, Roy Harris will try to arrange 3rd to 6th April, if not, 10th to 13th April.
  • 15. Dartmoor back packing weekend will be 9th -11th May. Dan Ryder to arrange.
  • 16. Mark Symmonds is attempting to book the Whillans Memorial Hut at the Roaches for 19th to 22nd June.
  • 17. Guy Buckingham has kindly offered 4-5 places on a services trip to Lundy, 16th to 23rd August. Guy will need a deposit around May from interested parties.
  • 18. Mark Symmonds to organise a weekend paddling Canadian canoes on the Wye. Mark will put out a message as and when.
  • 19. Nick Benny has offered potential places on a Plymouth Kayaking Club camping holiday to the Scillies, last week in July, first week in August. Cost will be £100 per week, plus cost of getting there plus cost of transporting kit. Nick will know if there are indeed spaces around Xmas time.
  • 20. Simon Jewell is considering organising a weekend trip to North Devon. Details to be released as and when.
  • 21. Mark Symmonds advised that the October trip to the Counthouse will be either 2-5th , 16th -19th or 23rd-26th . To be confirmed.
  • 22. Danny Rider announced that Friday night bike rides from Coypool are starting soon. Check with Danny or Stafford Dyer if interested.


  • 23. There were two nominations for the new Chairman. Danny Rider nominated James Dell and Andy Jewell nominated Mike Waterhouse. Votes 10 – 4.

        James is the new Chairman.

  • 24. Glenn Latham and Ian Gee remain as BMC / Secretary and Treasurer.

Xmas Meal

  • 25. Ian Gee has kindly offered to organise another meal at The Britannia for Thursday 13th Dec. £16 per person, numbers and money to Ian ASAP.


  • 26. James Dell, in 1976, offered to investigate a club “dry flow” T shirt. This was welcomed but the general opinion was that “white” was not the preferred option. This enquiry is still ongoing and the concensus was that “white” was still not the preferred option.
  • 27. Nick Benny offered to investigate formats for a website for photos etc.
  • 28. Guy Buckingham will investigate potential for a DMM order.
  • 29. Mark Symmonds will organise a photo competition. 3 categories, Wildlife, Action / Activity , Landscape.
  • 30. Mark is also compiling a photo book with a picture of each member and requests a quote from each member. “Because it is there.”, “I did it my way” and “I’ve forgotten my wallet” have already gone.

Thanks to Mark for organising the venue for the meeting and providing another piece of electronic wizardry with his computerised slide show, Simon Jewell for his Himalayan slides and Roy Harris for his selection from the past.

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