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3 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. badgerboy said

    How do you upload photos?

  2. dockyardventurers said

    Once you have your wordpress account let me know your email address and I can add you to the site as an official contributer. You may then even be able to start your own posts.

    To display photos you will need to host them somewhere on the web – Flickr seems to be quite good and it is free! You will probably need to resize them to save storage space and speed up the link.

    Select the image in Flickr that you want to display and right click, select properties and copy the URL for the photo, it must have the .jpg ending eg With any luck this should appear as a link, so the photo is one click away.

    I think there may be a way to actually embed photos in the comment but this is less obvious and I have not yet had any success! I can, however as an Administrator start a new post and include a photo with it as can be seen in this post of Bear and Mucky

    That picture is however stored in WordPress and not on Flickr, the image is uploaded directly to the page via the window at the bottom of the screen when you are creating a new post. Badgerboy, have a go at adding photo links in comments, and starting a new post so that you can see if you can upload directly to WordPress. Should anyone else want to be added to the official contributor list, let me know.

    I have found a bit more info on this on the WordPress FAQ

  3. NickB said

    IanGee asked:

    Mr benny how do i add a picture of myself as you have?

    Ian, I have added you as a contributor to the site, this should give you more functionality and hopefully the ability to start your own posts.

    The little picture is an ‘Avatar’ to add one you need to visit your profile page and upload an Avatar, you may need to resize the image to keep things correct. Your profile page can be found on the top menu under ‘My Account’ and then select ‘Edit Profile’ from the drop down menu. In the ‘my picture’ window select ‘browse’ search your hard drive for the image you want and then select ‘upload image’. At this point you will probably be asked to select the part of the image you want to use as your avatar, finally select update profile and any changes will be saved.

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