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The Venturers Great Photography Competition from Roy

Posted by NickB on April 8, 2008

Ok gentlemen, get your cameras charged or start storing some film in the fridge, for we have a photography competition for you.  In November/December 2008 (date and venue to be announced) we will have a big gathering or party where all the submitted pictures will be on show and independent judges will pick the winners. 


There are three categories: 

  1. Portrait.  The late John Maybe always regretted not taking photos of people.  Let’s redress this by having a section which concentrates on what really matters; the people that make a club.  So, portraits of club members please, not of the barmaid with the huge eyes.
  2. The Club.  Anything to do with the club and the venues we visit; landscape, climbing, canoeing, mountaineering, walking.
  3. Open.  Basically this is a miscellaneous section.  The only limit is your imagination.  Time to phone up the barmaid with the big eyes then.


In any competition there has to be a framework and rules.  We have made them as simple as possible.  The photos have to be taken during the year (2008), no archive shots please.  Photos can be either digital or film and either black and white or colour.  The maximum size is 10” X 8” and mounted, with your name on the back.  If you wish to give your picture a caption then that’s fine, in fact quite welcome.  You may enter up to three pictures to each category.  The competition is only open to club members.  With digital offerings there are to be no down loads of someone else’s picture nor any major changes of yours; but re-sizing (cropping) is fine as are small alterations and touch-ups.  I’m afraid there isn’t room for any ‘adult’ material.  So, if you have a photo of your woman in black stockings and a basque we cannot accept it into the competition, but bring it along anyway. 



Thought that might get your attention.  We intend to offer up four good worthwhile prizes from a fund of around £150.  One for the winners of each category and the last prize for the overall winner.  Therefore, if your photo is good enough, it could win two prizes.  Entry is free, so what have you got to loose?  During the course of the year we will be encouraging members to put a portfolio together, and depending on the level of interest, pick a suitable venue and judges.  The judges will be totally independent and not a club member nor the wife/partner/mistress/girlfriend or boyfriend of a member.  I think that covers it.  And we will not be setting out an Ouija board to ask for John Maybe’s or John Baker’s input.  Goodness, how they would have loved to be here for this though.


Questions.  For any clarification please contact Mark or Roy. 


And may the light be with you.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist)


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