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Another hard day in the hills!

Posted by NickB on November 19, 2007


 Binos and beer, life is great!!


7 Responses to “Another hard day in the hills!”

  1. andyow said

    Nice picture should bring in some new members! I don’t understand all this yer technology but it said it invited me to leave a reply so I have. What happens now?

  2. dockyardventurers said

    Glad you approve of my photography. You should now get a reply when another comment is entered! have you? I have also entered you as a contributor, this should give you a bit more functionality, see the FAQ for details.

  3. stafforddyer said

    Please tell me that I have not yet sunk to these depths

  4. NickB said

    I am sure you will have memories of sinking to even greater depths!! Stafford I have added you as a ‘contributor’, you should now be able to add new posts to the site, including photos, after all this is a blog and gives contirbutors the chance to add new posts to record their adventures for all to enjoy. The FAQ page should give you some hints.

  5. iangee said

    Mr benny how do i add a picture of myself as you have?

  6. NickB said

    Bear, I have added an answer to your question under the FAQ page (just trying to keep site questions and answers together).

  7. fantomblogger said

    Looks like 2 guys at peace with the world LOL



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