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Cornwall, Counthouse Oct 18 – 21 2007

Posted by NickB on November 8, 2007

Thanks to Mark for organising a great weekend, no rain, good company, excellent paddling, rugby world cup final, walking/birdwatching and some even went climbing! No surf though.  Shame about the rugby result and the cold showers, it seems that some people aren’t as tough as they would like to think with the Deliverance style squealing coming from the showers !!  The best home cooked meal of the weekend must go to the RobBear Beef Wellington, even if it took two evenings to prepare.  I’m sure Dave and Mike appreciated it in preparation for the mountain of dirty crocks!!

Friday and Sennen was lovely and sunny and protected from the brisk south/south easterly winds so we took the long boats out from Sennen.  Once we were a few hundred metres out the winds at our backs drove us rapidly to Cape Cornwall.



Past the old mine workings and almost around as far as Pendeen light.


Neil had fun and games trying to keep on track with an empty boat in the following wind so a slight adjustment to ballast was required !


Saturday was the day for short boats out around Lands End, one of the best paddling places in England I reckon, arches and caves make for great entertainment !


As do waves !!


Caves are not good places to be when the swell increases, but this one had a high roof !! managed to keep my head intact and stay upright but was right on the edge of my comfort zone when the boat did a tailie inside the cave !!


Sunshine and activity as well on Commando Ridge.


Simon on Bosigran, is that a smile or a …….???????



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